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Papageno (Mozart's Die Zauberflöte)

“At the top of the vocal food chain, Jason Detwiler... was the most accomplished vocal artist.”
San Francisco Classical Voice - May. 2003

“Leave it to a guy in feathers to steal the show...Jason Detwiler was mightily missed when he wasn’t on stage...In an opera that is rife with thrilling, trilling musical and dramatic moments, Detwiler provided many of the best...[His] lustrous and expressive singing, animation and timing set him apart.”
Sacramento Bee - Aug. 2000

"Mozart gave the most powerful dramatic material to the second male lead, Papageno, which baritone Detwiler exploited gleefully into the most memorable performance of the evening. His athleticism and 'common man' facial expressions stole the show."
Oakland Tribune - Apr 2003


February 9


Bach's Cantata 82 (Ich habe genug)


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