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Pilgrim (Vaughan Williams' The Pilgrim's Progress)

"Friday's opening featured a stunning performance by Jason Detwiler in the title role. Detwiler...deployed his large, warm-toned baritone with affecting humanity and a keen heroic edge; his Act III sojourn in prison - an extended episode of beautiful, yearning vocalism - was the evening's highlight."
Contra Costa Times - June 2006

"Jason Detwiler’s portrayal of the Pilgrim is especially wonderful, and in this prison scene it finds its most powerful realization. A fine bass-baritone, Detwiler has a voice with the weight and depth to give this scene the spiritual profundity it needs as his Pilgrim moves from black despair to radiant fulfillment."
Berkeley Daily Planet - June 2006

"Jason Detwiler, as the Pilgrim,...succeeds, carrying off this demanding musical and physical role with beauty, grace, power, and sympathy."
San Francisco Classical Voice - June 2006

"The first notable and excellent thing about the production was Jason Detwiler in the role of Pilgrim. His singing was rock-solid and his acting was heartfelt and emotionally engaging from beginning to end… At Pilgrim’s first entrance, Mr. Detwiler created an immediate gut-wrenching mood of near-despair as he staggered about under his heavy burden – an effective piece of stagecraft that quickly draws the audience into the story… Pilgrim’s “My God, why hast thou forsaken me” was superbly sung with great acting skill and great emotional intensity."
RVW Journal - Oct 2006


February 9


Bach's Cantata 82 (Ich habe genug)


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