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Onegin (Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin)

"Baritone Jason Detwiler who's dark, yet unaffected voice portrays Eugene Onegin with a sincere and sultry arrogance that is vocally and dramatically unparalleled...Onegin's aria at the end truly completed the evening with pure emotion."
On Hampton Roads - Feb 2008

"Jason Detwiler was perfectly cast as Onegin. He displayed wide ranges of emotion, sang beautifully and was believable as the pompous, then love-stricken main character." - Mar 2008

"Baritone Jason Detwiler brought considerable depth to the role of Eugene Onegin. His warm and firmly focused voice was combined with subtle acting, taking the ennui-haunted court dandy of Act I and the selfish instigator of the Act II duel through to the emotionally devastated lover of Act III."
Classical Voice of North Carolina - Mar 2008

"Baritone Jason Detwiler was a strong Onegin, easily showing the character’s boredom and narcissism, then his regret at having lost Tatiana. His voice was especially full and ringing in the final act, as he acknowledged his love for her."
The Virginian Pilot - Feb 2008

"Jason Detwiler's Onegin...was adept at conveying the character's subsequent loss of self-control. His evenly produced voice, capable of unusually attractive top notes, rode Tchaikovsky's melodic lines handsomely."
Opera News - Feb 2008

"Jason Detwiler is an imposing Onegin and captures the intriguing mystery of this world weary aristocrat."
WHRO (Loessin at Large) - Feb 2008

"Baritone Jason Detwiler displayed an instrument of power, passion and great beauty."
PortFolio Weekly - Feb 2008

"Jason Detwiler is a striking presence visually and a dramatic one vocally as Onegin, standing straight and unbending throughout the opera until he collapses at Tatiana’s feet in the final scene." - Feb 28, 2008


February 9


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