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Figaro (Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia)

"The stage antics were dominated by baritone Jason Detwiler as Figaro, who sang and acted with an energy and naturalness that was as endearing as it was noteworthy. He clearly had the audience in the palm of his hand right from the start of his well-known aria 'Largo al Factotum'. His voice was smooth, attractive and easily produced, and he tackled all of Ganakas' stage business literally without missing a beat."
The Virginian Pilot - Mar 2009

"Baritone Jason Detwiler as Figaro was the glue that held everything together. His comical role was never overacted, and his voice was in fine shape...Detwiler's presentation of the famous aria 'Largo al factotum' set the stage in the first act with a promise of come. And come it did. There were subtle as well as overt comedic acts, looks, gestures, vocal tones and movements, but, again, they weren't overdone. And judging from audience reaction, it was all appreciated."
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Mar 2009

"Jason Detwiler as Figaro, did a superb job. He not only had a beautiful and graceful vocal delivery throughout the performance but his acting was perfect. He was a believable Figaro with a commanding stage presence." - Apr 2009

"Figaro (baritone Jason Detwiler) enters with his famous aria commanding the stage with his great agile voice and comedic acting...When done correctly, Figaro can infect the audience with his wordplay and his exuberant zest for life—and Mr. Detwiler was superb."
The Schiller Institute - Apr 2009

"Jason Detwiler, as Figaro, was incomparable as the egocentrically devious con man. His baritone was to die for as it was so powerful yet smooth and well colored. His body work was that of a skilled comedian."
AllArtsReview4u - Apr 2009

"Detwiler’s delivery of Figaro’s signature aria, 'Largo al factotum', is the merry showstopper it’s meant to be; he’s just as impressive as a duet partner and a core voice in ensemble numbers."
LetterV - Mar 2009

"In this upbeat romp, Detwiler, as Figaro, displayed charming comedic flair and expansive warmth as he connived to unite the lovers in marriage. Detwiler grabbed the stage with his first aria, the eternally popular 'Largo ad factotum'."
PortFolio Weekly - Mar 2009

"Jason Detwiler proved a witty Figaro, whose grace and wit enlivened every scene in which he appeared. His mellow baritone voice was pleasant, his lines well-formed, his enunciation excellent."
Washington Times - Apr 2009

"Jason Detwiler did not just produce a strong, resonant baritone for 'Largo al factotum' – he also unloaded a cart and attended to three women in various states of dishabille."
Washington Post, Classical Beat Blog - Apr 2009


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