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John Proctor (Ward's The Crucible)

"Straight play or musical, baritone Jason Detwiler delivers the best John Proctor I have seen. Proctor is a flawed man of passion, strength and character who strives to do right in the troubled times of the Salem witch hunt, and Detwiler creates a character of physical strength, intellectual clarity and striking charisma—a natural leader at odds with the hypocrisy of the times. And he sings the role with all the power and nuance Opera San José audiences have come to cherish."
Out and About - Oct. 2005

"As the Proctors, the husband-and-wife team of baritone Jason Detwiler and Michele Detwiler held center stage commandingly, his brawny, emotionally fervid singing contrasting powerfully with the quiet certitude and technical precision of hers."
San Francisco Chronicle - Sept. 2005

"Particularly outstanding in the Proctor role was Jason Detwiler, whose resonant baritone had unusual nobility and strength. His wife, Michele, brought a special believability to the acting. Her mezzo soprano was controlled and purposeful."
Milpitas Post - Sept. 2005

"the Detwilers imbued these difficult passages with more than a modest degree of tenderness, then bitterness. This was effective singing, and the scene's impact was heightened by the rise and fall of the orchestra, wrapping itself around the voices."
San Jose Mercury News - Sept. 2005

"On opening night, baritone Jason Detwiler and his mezzo-soprano wife, Michele, step into the spotlight and do a mighty job in the roles of John and Elizabeth Proctor."
Inside Bay Area - Sept. 2005

"Jason and Michele Detwiler sang..., casting a spell during their long, pivotal duet, with the weight of drama reminiscent of Fricka subjugating Wotan in the name of 'what is right'."
San Francisco Classical Voice - Sept. 2005


February 9


Bach's Cantata 82 (Ich habe genug)


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