Last year, my wife and I celebrated and cherished 19 years of marriage and over 17 years of professional singing. While these roads have been paved in adversity, growth, and an even greater Love, it is also true that both have required more than ourselves to continue upward.

Being an opera singer is a wonderful experience, both vocationally and personally. It's an incredible journey of hard work, persistence, and individual growth, as I get the privilege of bringing incredible stories to life for myself and you! My job is to create thrilling and moving experiences on the stage!

You may not be surprised to know that putting on an opera is one of the most costly feats in the arts. However, the same is true for producing an artist! Non-profit opera companies receive grants from numerous sources, such as the government and corporations, but singers generally do not, since they're sole proprietors. Still, the individual artist needs ongoing gifts from a variety of foundations and individuals, in order to help ensure a focused and flourishing career. If you would like to sponsor my work, please consider donating towards one of these upcoming endeavors:

CD RECORDING: recording of our Sacred Music concert and looking to the future, an Opera and Christmas CD,the cost covers the audio tech as well as a discounted 1000 copies$2000.
WINTER NEW YORK TRIP: I am looking for funding to go to New York City and work with a new voice teacher as well as coachings to improve my craft, $1000

This is an opportunity to be more directly and specifically involved with an opera singer's career, so, in return for any donation, let me know if you'd like to receive any of the following:

Career updates, such as upcoming engagements, reviews, etc
• an autographed photo of Jason on the stage! and/ora CD, when they come out

(After clicking on the button below, please earmark funds for a specific project (e.g. CD PROJECT), or, if you'd like to make a general contribution, simply type "BUSINESS FUND".)


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February 9


Bach's Cantata 82 (Ich habe genug)


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